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9 in Total!!!!!!

9 months……..aint it a long long time,i am through with 8,1 more to go. But now i am unable to handle it any more. Am i being impatient or is it the case with every one going through this period. 8 months of restrictions already, now i am suffering from insomnia too, cant sleep in wanted/comfortable positions either. Emotionally drained, physically constrained, thought process ceased:(

Its not that , that i am not looking forward desperately to the end product, i am praying hard for everything to go well and healthy but now at this point of time i am being toooooo impatient and intolerant and itchy and anxious to get out of this situation and get back to normal life.

Plus this anomalistic physical condition restricts me from any kind of hectic activity, else ive got so much in pending needing my attention….the cupboards, the kitchen, the food etc etc.

Just hoping that the time passes like a flash as it does in the situations when u just want the time to freeze.

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Deadlock it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Do relationships also come to a stand still?or is it just me who is feeling that the relation is in the iced form.its not moving forward, no new and further developments have been made for quite some time. And as the time is passing i find it difficult to move it to a next level of excitement, next level of affection, next level of attraction, next level of love.

Even if i try to bring all that essence in the relationship,i find the opposite party as dead as a doornail, probably it does not occur to the other party as it appears to me or how i feel it….and making the other party understand is pretty difficult to realize what i mean as the intellectual part of the personality in terms of relationship development is forever untouched.

Now one would probably think that why dont i get rid of it or why do i actually care……soooo the thing is,there are certain relationships in life you cant do without,you are destined to be with them once and for all. Its not so that you are forcefully being glued to them but you also are willing to be with them but for some odd reason or for the time being you certainly dont find it working.

I try my best to induce newness to it but mt efforts still feel and appear a failure.


Posted by on September 27, 2011 in Heart talk