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Khuwaab Adhooray Sahi,Khuwaab Saharay Toh Hein!!!!

How can unaccomplished and incomplete dreams be your strength and support???

Dont they just haunt you. As soon as you think of them they just rip your heart into uncountable pieces painfully reminding you of the end products which you might have achieved at the end of the accomplishment of that dream.

I am talking about the dreams which are beyond your reach,or for which you’ve tried hard enough with all your might and now you know that you cant make it come true or may be you even attempted to fly for it but because of some circumstances and reasons you quit the effort. Those kind of half baked dreams always be the reason of  cheerlessness, dejection and a heavy heart.


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Going Beyond the Ethical Limits!!!!

For quite some time my patience has been tested,and i still am on trial. i just cant figure out the reasons that why am i being treated that way but those ways are extremely painful,stressful and hurtful.

What the issues (dont know even if it can be called an issue,either its a bad habit or good habit) with me are that i just cant go beyond the ethical limits i am being thought since childhood, which are flowing in my blood ever since i grew up into a gentle woman. No matter how angry i may be, no matter how furious on what so ever important matter i may be, no matter how upset or sad or distressed i may be i just cant do unethical actions like slamming the door hard right into its frame, or blasting the cutlery into each other that they would produce horrendous noise just to scare the other person out, or banging the keys hard on the table, or pulling the dining table chair with noise…..”NO WAY”. this all is read as unethical in my books or atleast ive beeen taught so.

Isnt it weird that just to show your annoyance and antagonism you go to such acts of being ill mannered, how cam some one?. Have you not ever been made to learn that all these acts which would be shown just to bring your own frustration out shows how have you been brought up and how mannered you are… i really make any sense?

For some one like me who places the door in its frame so quietly that others dont even get to know that ive entered, and place the glass on the table with out making a single noise this comes out to be hateful torture for me because it leaves me in tears out of anger as i find myself helpless in changing the circumstances.

last but not the least i feel like smashing the same thing right into the face of that person just to notify that it irritates me to this limit.


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