W!th T!me as I GROW!!!!!!!

30 Jan


Its been very truly said that as u grow older, with different experiences the meanings of life changes for you depending on your very tests and trials and incidents you go through.

As I look back in life and look at the things or ideas I was very strict/firm about initially in my life, I find a change in those ideas of mine now in the present situation, again the alteration came due to the experiences that I have had so far.

Practical and books are two different things that I have found yet. it was easier to say it then, but its difficult for me to go through it now. It was me who had a firm believe in this fact that a girl who is well educated, has a professional degree, has been to university for 4 precious years of her life, has worked hard to get those golden grades should NOT work after she gets married and if she is financially well to do then there is no need to go out and look for money leaving the comfort zone of your home. Yes it was ME, MYSELF and I who had such thoughts. And now when I am going through the same situation practically I am literally hating it. Its very easier said than done. It gets very suffocating at times being at home 24/7, doing just all those routine house hold tasks and then you are done and nothing else to do except to watch tv or stick to your laptop. I feel like going out, breath  in fresh air,do what “IIIIIIIII” want to do, fly and kiss the sky. Unaware of the outside world and the latest technology you being an engineer rust at home doing nothing. Adding some more spice to the frustration, when you realize it that it was your very own choice………phew

There is one more perception that has changed by the time, but I cant really discuss it here. That will be tooooo controversial to be discussed here;)

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Posted by on January 30, 2011 in Heart talk


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