Shetan & our Nerves

26 Jan

Something just made me wonder that y is shetan so dominant over us? Y does he have so strong grip over our nerves and our decision making powers?  y cant we at times or may be always just by pass this shetan’s  misguidance and go to the right path.

Knowing the fact that what we have in our mind or the decision that we are going to make has both the right and the wrong faces to it, we still fall pray to his misguidance and choose to walk over the wrong path? Y is sin that ecstatic that it even makes us to forget the right paths defined by Allah who actually loves us even more than 70 mothers altogether. Y not that kindness,  uncountable blessings of Allah over powers our nerves when we are about to make the decision and stop us from going towards the wrong.

Even having this in our minds that going for the wrong path does have disadvantages in the long run for us but still just for that temporary pleasure and delight we tend to decide for it. Y do we take HIS love for granted, y doesn’t His uncountable grace and divine sanctions stop us from being unreasonable and look for sins willingly, y God himself has made the shetan so powerful and not our nerves that strong to fight against the evil thoughts and make him loose in front of the LOVE of All Mighty?or its the other way round,its us who dont know how to fight for the right cause????

Or is shetan that very strong or we are too weak to fight against him?

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Posted by on January 26, 2011 in Heart talk


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