Enough Already!

24 Jan

Enough  Enough  Enough Enough Enough!!!

Firstly its just like a minute dot on the canvas that says “enough”, then by the time it keeps growing and growing and it appears exacty as loud as they appear above. Its like an empty cylinder that keeps filling in and then in the end this large enough comes out of it as there is not sufficient space in it. I want to say it as the judge in any court room says “order order order” when some chaos goes on in the court room. I want to say it with burning eyes like coal so that the person whom it is intended for should know the intensity hidden behind these words. The growl  in the voice would make the person shiver and should know what enough means. No explanations, no clarifications, no justifications, no reasons should be required to explain what this ENOUGH means. Just the word itself should be so powerful to put the meaning across.

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Posted by on January 24, 2011 in Heart talk


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