Questions Questions & Questions

26 Aug

Wish i cud be this blunt & uncourteous to say “plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mind ur own business,thats NON of your concernnnnnnnnnnnnnn”….i mean why on earth every XYZ is so concerned about it, isnt it supposed to be MY personal matter,whyy are they getting worried and taking tensions about it. i seriously DONT need your advices and suggestions,seriously i DONOT.

Aint i educated or capable enough to deal with all those matters on my own. Its ohkay if you show your “tender loving care” for once only but why repeating it all the time during every meeting and that also in front of very irrelevant people.

That is all my head ache if or not i consult any doctor for my incapability of getting pregnant, why every tom dick and harry on the roads find it as their obligation to comment about it or give endless lessons and prescriptions to go to this clinic and consult that doctor.

At some point i find it fine if any of my dear ones as in some one like my mother or sisters in law propose me to do that, because they are the close ones and they have the right. And i dont even mind it if they suggest so. But hearing it from the least concerned party it irritates me more than it hurts me.

i am seriously sick of it all and now i some times find myself on the verge of being impolite with people whose advice is least welcomed by me, i feel like just very straight forwardly saying right in their faces that PLZ MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESSSSSSSS,i dont need any free free free guidance.

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Posted by on August 26, 2010 in Heart talk


One response to “Questions Questions & Questions

  1. Luscious Sealed Lips

    August 30, 2010 at 7:30 am

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I see my sister facing the same and sometimes I want to punch those people for unnecessarily coming in with their free advices and remedies. People should really know how to mind their own business but then, they are just so bored in their own lives.



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