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Happiness seems like an enemy to me.every time i feel a bit happy and gay the situations snatch it away from me nd im left empty handed,m confused wat to do to fix this permanent trouble in my life,its goin on nd on nd on.its now hard for me to be patient and bear it nymore.i pray alot,i really pray hard to make it better for me but all in vain.i find no ways ahead,no path defined,no light in the tunnel,m jus walking blindly along the road with out emotions becoz this is the way im supposed to act,i cant act the other way.m bound to stay in this torture cell 24/7.
y do u do so?yyyyyyyyyyyyy?y do u ruin my smile,my plans,my peace?
u dont know how dead observant i am,nd i catch it all before even u execute it.stop it plz stop it,it comes to me as intense pain and grief.i mite not be able to bear it any longer.
i want the right path BUT from where?


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u make me smile, u make me cry….

The realization disappoints me,hits me hard nd takes my smile away every now and then…..

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