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After the realization of that fact every now nd then all the time ij ust let it go……i dont confront,i dont ask for explanations,i dont bring it up.i tried alot to read between the lines of my heart but i cudnt get to ny conclusions that y dont i talk abt it nd make things clear. Dont know is it love that i dont bring it up up so not to embarrass the person or is it my ‘mujburi’ that now all my life i have to live by it or is it patience or is it hope for the better days or is it acceptance of the fact, its difficult to decide that which of the options is true.

i cant make it out that talking abt it wud make things more difficult or make it easier for me to breath at the end of the day.At this point i cant even go for ny decisions,the very decisive ones as ive already seen the after effects.


Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Heart talk