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the STRONGER sex

The other day i was just thinking that y do v have a common perception abt men that they are supposed to be strong,they are not to CRY in ny way,they cant have tears in their eyes,y m i always surprised to see tears in a man’s eye?….ya they r strong,valiant nd brave but still..keeping this in mind that r not to cry they dont…though ive seen men around me crying on different occasions…

Aint they human…dont they hav emotions..dont they have sentiments…..feel happiness,anger,loneliness,sorrow,doesnt their heart do faster on unexpected happening then y tears r unknown to them…y cant they CRY in public…ive asked this question to a couple of ppl that “do men cry?” but i didnt get ny satisfactory answers.

dont know if its making ny sense or not…..i think not.

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Posted by on April 10, 2009 in Heart talk