Self confidence LOST

23 Mar

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Me: tell me wat shud I do with the “abc” problem im in,m stuck, don’t know wat to decide, nd where to lead?????

Her: do u still blv in my opinions nd decisions, now that ive lost everything I had, I had been a failure?????

Me: wat do u mean?how does it matter to me if uve lost things u had or circumstances turned out to be a failure 4 u..ur still the same to me, som 1 ive always relied on, had faith in, believed in more than my own self, ur still the same for me…….the same buddy whom I always considered to be more wise nd clever than my own self. If I had not faith in u, y I wud have asked u the query I was stuk with, coz I found u 2b the best person who cud take me out of the problem I am goin through.

FRendship has to be unconditional,with out bounds and limits. No mater wat the circumstances nd emotional situation be, the bond stays the same. Money, property, relationships have no affects of it on the never ending love nd bond two ppl share for the last 8 years or so. The only thing that matters is the togetherness nd the feeling of being available for each other. though i knew wat trauma uve been through but ur still the same for me. It does not matter to me that some relationship in ur life came to an end or wat so ever……ur the ultimate energy saver to me:)

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Posted by on March 23, 2009 in Heart talk


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