06 Mar

Ive been scared for the last 20 days or so.The news was so shocking that i cudnt not believe it,even som one else had given me the news i wud never have accepted it as true but unfortunately i was present all by myself over there.m shattered nd very deeply hurt.the whole scenario is as such that i cud not ever think of it happening.later on any body around me who heard the news was like “wat?,kesi baaten ker rahi ho?,r u in ur senses?”,dont tell me,mazaaq mutt karo”…every one was eyes wide open nd ended up in crying hysterically.

i had seen divorces,i had heard of divorces happening but i never had felt the disastrous effects it cud have on som 1,prolly coz it didnt happen to ny one too close to me.but this time it struck a person whom i consider a part of my own soul,my strength……som one who used to buck me up was her self torn and traumatized that day wen i met her.nd i didnt not even have words to heal the damage.

Just a single piece of paper demolished the 100 storied building of dreams,faded the smile away,changed the perception of life,colors appeared grey;life made meaningless,plans to celebrate the first anniversary the next month…..allllllll being knocked down.

is this relationship so fragile nd delicate that u can throw it in the dust bin within seconds?u do every thing for the person,luv him selflessly nd u get this as a reward….m scared,m too scared.every time this incident comes to my mind it shakes me inside out.for one moment it even gave me a warning aswell(wich was wrong of me to think like that) but still it does come to u in that manner….wat if????

i wish i cud undo the damage made…but i cant.i pray nd again i pray harder to give her patience nd strength to pass through this phase with courage nd bravery as she already is a spirited soul.

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Posted by on March 6, 2009 in Heart talk


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